From the President

Welcome to our youth page. We are Pneuma Youths ; a People of Purity, Purpose and Power. Here you will find a statement of our vision, objectives and days of activities and we invite you to fellowship with us.

It’s a great privilege to be youths more so, at a time as this with the prospects and challenges it brings.  Youths are the farmyard of any nation, or church. Whatever the church or society cultivates in youths today, they will harvest from them as adults. That’s the reason God doesn’t joke with us as evidenced in the scripture “Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth…”. And that’s also the reason we don’t joke with God because we can’t do without HIM. We are desperate and passionate about God, to know HIM more and to make HIM known to our generation. We model Christ!

The unfortunate reality of our time is that the devil is as interested in youths as much as God is because that is where the battle for the future of the church is won or lost. Show me a man who is fulfilled in old age and I will show a man who invested his youth wisely; a man who remembered his creator in the days of his youth. However, it is heart breaking that the destinies of most youths are daily being bastardized, and traded off in exchange for ephemeral pleasures. You can’t fulfill your destiny without God on your side and you can’t have God on your side except you are born again. I bring you a message of hope and salvation. Has life been unfair to you? Has your life been battered, shattered and messed up by the devil? Are there habits and lifestyle you’ve been struggling with and don’t know how to overcome? Jesus is the answer. Surrender your life to Him and watch God turn things around in your favour.

God bless you!

Bro Prince Okeoma

National Youth President